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What if you were unfaithful,
That would be unthinkable;
Would God stop His faithfulness,
Or would He by chance still bless.
God is honest as it reads,
Others are spreading false seeds;
No doubt that they are liars,
And have hidden desires.
Judges hand down their justice,
Verdict to sinful service;
You may win your case in court,
Or jail time since you distort.
But God is fair I should say,
And just for the wrong to pay;
Through Christ He will pardon us,
If we admit and confess.
Is God unfair showing wrath,
Detouring us from the path;
Vents His anger for a deed,
For our lust and the greed.
Is there truly any worth,
Judging the entire earth;
If my lie heightens glory,
Truth stretching of His story.
Why am I still a sinner,
I should be judged a winner;
Because of another soul,
That God has in His control.
Because I do not deserve,
For the truth I do not serve;
And God will truly condemn,
When the truth is not in them.

Copyright © 2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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