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A portrait of a me in my Winter;
Grey white long unkempt hair,
No matter how often combed
Flies here there and everywhere.
This me smiles too much now
Through once cataracted eyes,
For in this winter of a life
Very little causes surprise.

In his hand he holds a photo
Of another  me in full youth:
But the camera that never lies
Doesn't always tell full truth
For it shows that me in uniform
With a confident smiling face.
In the Cold War in Berlin that
Exciting, strange, sinister place,

But that me is underneath very
Nervous, a twitchy type of fear
For along with the excitement
I'm very worried at being here.
A period of tension,
Made easier by drink
The hangovers somewhat
Restricting the power to think.

There are so many other me's
All of them grown from then
From that period of growing up,
No period so influential again.
The other personas blur, fade
Shiver and are all but gone
Leaving the white unkempt hair
Ot the contemplative Winter one.


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