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In deep sleep, I dream of
glowing long silken hair that covers me
wherever I show.
Hiding my blindness and nakedness,
helping me, guiding me in
whatever journey I go
on. I walk streets that seem
familiar and unfamiliar,
wearing only a mantle of hair to cover
my nakedness. It coils around me
and then uncoils around me,
continually readjusting to what
I believe the world thinks of me and
how I know I must, somehow, feel about
The hair moves, shifts, drifts and
sometimes falls away: telling the world things
I might not rather say.
But the sinuous hair reveals anyway.
I wake, disturbed. Feeling towards the nape
of my neck. Wondering at the allure and
fascination that is hair...
or, was it my
nakedness. Or the fact that I had some secret
I did not want to reveal, but was revealed
for me in a dream. Again, I'm left wondering
how much to reveal. And how much is a
revelation. I think backwards into
my sleep and try to recreate the portions
where I felt most vulnerable. Only to realize
I was vulnerable throughout. And that, that
is the real secret. And aren't we all?

Copyright February 15, 2013 All Rights Are Reserved By This Author
Melissa A Howells/ Meloo from her Tilt-a-World (Copyrighted Site Title)

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