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WRITTEN 17 : 2 : 13

This is a poem I have written based on the story
of the widow in the Bible who put her two small
coins in the temple offering .

The rattling sound of golden coins clinked against each other 
In the temple coffers - and Jesus watched - as men of
Learning and authority emptied their hands - full of riches -
Into the treasury box.
What admiration this this would bring - from all around - what 
Smiles - what satisfaction - from those putting in 
The extra hundred pound.
Such generosity - such kindness - They were the truly blessed - and yet -
As they gave of their great wealth - they shrugged at such a thought -
A mere trifle - 'twas considered nothing much to them - though 
To some of course - it would be deemed a lot .
But - while they strutted - patting each others egos - with a nod - and 
Looks of pious praise that day - the Lord - was looking on - in silence -
In a different way - and taking in another scene - whereby a lonely figure 
Now had entered in - a woman - timid and weighed down - by poverty -
And circumstances - hard for her to bear - had quietly approached the 
The offering box - and - hoping no-one saw her paltry gift - she 
Placed her two small coins - among the shiny riches there - and 
Now - this woman - who would never seek the limelight's glare - was 
Centre stage - as Jesus pointed out to His disciples - that in her 
Poverty - she had given everything she had  - and - by this 
Sacrificial act of love - in God's eyes and heart - she was - Without  
A doubt - the Greatest
Giver there.

And - all because she gave her all -

We may not feel that we have much to offer the Great God and King -
But - when we give our heart and life -  
Then we have also given Everything .
However small.


If you have nothing else to give the Lord - then give him your heart -
It will be the best gift you could ever give - and He will accept it - and
bless your life eternally.

God bless you 


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