The soul has much to say

The a home


It's snowing
Remembering from winter's past
which falling flake were you
The one that landed on my nose
or the one that settled in my hand?
Go figure
It was the one which melted upon my heart

As you smile
it occurs to me
You fill in the gaps of time
Moments from days gone by
where you fit into my world
Known by many
all I ever wanted was to belong to one

A slow stroll
on a blustery February day
I'm warm within
because I'm out in the world with you
Poems being constructed in my mind
as you lovingly look me in the eyes
I dare not blink

Touching you
Reminding myself that you're true
How do I know this is special?
We're grounded in our reality
yet share a oneness of fantasy
With God all things are possible
for here we are

Rebirth, second chances, timing
Countless other aliases
that mask redemption
They played no part in our walk
It was a matter of moving on
Striving to keep living
until finding each other

The roads traveled feigned beauty
Paths filled with stones
Trails of mud
Dark labyrinths
that tested our faith
Picturesque countrysides
filled with land mines

Arduous steps leading
to the here and now
In kissing me as I write this
you show me His favor
Happiness can be profound in silence
For you leave me speechless
unlike any other

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The a home

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