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Abide In Tastes

What do you want with me.
Why are you so tempered.
In this so wild in these eyes
what am I to find that disguise of life.

What is it that sealed your fate so
long ago. Abide this day so quaint so maimed
by taste.

What did you have that I couldn't offer you
in spades!

What is it that I cannot taste anymore the sun and the moon.
Why so blue why do I feel for everything but not my own life.
Leave me behind without a chance of a reason
why. Spin those webs and have them become
your crib of unsound.
Playing with the strings.
Pulling tugging on world's things.
There is no string to dig out
of this dream.

In your head,
crawl through subspecies
what ever has been said is
feed into your mind, like
fruit roll up like reels of film.

In your body,
I feel like a beast
without a chain in the least.
To dominate your creed.

Yet we are the ones with dogs
why do you say "Dog eat Dog" world
when they are breed with the intention
that they aren't cannibals of evolution.
Digressing our inventions.
Stronger= better.
Hunter= protector.
Are we unknown in origin.
As in the past that can't be read
into ours to the precursor goes back
like roots in a tree or as simply
breed in genes or what I want for me.
If you are what you eat then you wouldn't
be meat. All those extinct creatures don't
carry your genes. Abide in taste for what
is dominating your words roll off the tongue.

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