Walkin on Air

Pumpkin Hoedown

Fresh and crisp without a flaw:
welcome to the Realm of Straw!
To flames and sparks come not too near
or you simply disappear.

Dear child of the dancing bumpkin
at this hoedown of the pumpkin
we advise no restraints,
entertain no complaints;
mind you, what must burn away
in the blaze of yesterday:
scorching embers of disgust
coiling up in smoke of lust,
all your fears and aberration,
mundane tax of  contemplation,
ghosts and ghouls, Devil's spawn
that fade away in the dawn
when creeping silent golden light
overpowers dark of night
and leaves you with a memory
of things that were or used to be.

In silent awe cold with envy,
stands the Wizard of Desire
musing how he lost his grip,
how he could've let it slip:
the key to time and empire;
how love became his enemy.

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Pumpkin Hoedown

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