Walkin on Air

Wombat Scat

Amazingly cute,
in fact quite astute,
our fellow little Wombat
the size of a wildcat
is a cuddly and sweet mammal.

In the animal book of who is who
it resembles a miniature kangaroo,
but not in actual looks or habit:
here more like a huge rabbit;
character flaws aren't chasmal,
but simply marsupial:
'hissss...screech!" here am I,
"grunt-squeal" as in pig-sty.

An unseen herbivore
this fella, as told in folklore,
is the seeing version
of a mole with offspring pillion;
a rather practical mom
keeping kidz for two years to come:
"huh" dear mom, what'd ya' say?
"hhhmmpph" silly son, no roots today;
marking territory with scat:
improved model of a rat:
a Tasmanian Wombat.

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Wombat Scat

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