Walkin on Air

Loneliness Extinguisher

Alone again, of course:
glowing embers of love forlorn
threaten to combust
into devouring flames
that promise near destruction.

Like chasing shadows
or plucking twinkling stars
off Heaven's canopy
or teaching ants to walk backwards;
almost blind in Cimmerian obscurity,
searching comfort in stumbling spasms
I torture my disconsolate mind
with Stoic stupidity stamped
as an emblem of 'poor me'
on my wrinkled forehead:
"Hey, good looking! Wassup?"

Wrong remedy! No lasting solution
to be found chasing flesh
in sepulchral confines
of blaring cacophonous noise
where alcohol-fogs chill-out
vain efforts to capture yesteryear.

Love, not lust: which merely
is communal loneliness compounded
in frenzied market exchange
of body fluids and copper coins
mistaken as honey-squeeze.

Loneliness thus had become an allergy
obstructing my quest for joy and affection.
"What, master, must I do, to avoid loneliness?"
I asked in deep frustration.

"One cannot avoid loneliness,
but cure it can with love."
The answer, resolute, assailed my senses:
my master gently said,
"Wisdom demands humility
of her children:
to find love you must give love."

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Loneliness Extinguisher

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