Walkin on Air

Illegal Bagman

A possum in the bag,
a cop on my tail.
Oh! what a drag,
don't wanna go to jail;
but that soft cuddly fur
of my bagged marsupial
had to split in a blur:
arboreal nocturnal.

So now I sell Vacuum Cleaners
to little old ladies: door to door,
by pouring buckets of horse manure
on their wooden floor.

One time an old hag slammed it shut
screaming she thought me to be a nut!
Quick as a flash, I wedged my foot in
the gate and pushed it wide open:
"This vacuum cleaner removes all trace
of the horse manure I dumped in your place,
or I will eat the remainder."
I courageously said.
She laughed out loud as my courage grew fainter,
"I hope you've got a good appetite,
and your teeth are fit for a checkbite,
because the electricity was cut off this morning."

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Illegal Bagman

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