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 THANK YOU. THANK YOU  2 ( Free Verse)

~Thank you.Thank You 2~
(Free Verse)

Thank you
for just being
Thank you
for loving me the
way that you do.
For always being there
for me.
Thank you for all
the big things and the
small ones
that you have done
all these years and that
you still to this day
you do.
Thank you, for all the smiles
that you have gifted me with
thru the many days weeks
and long years.
Thank you for all the
tender hugs,
and kisses too that
you give me often all
this time.
Thank you for all the love
that you let it show
in all the things that
you accomplish and do for us.
Thank you for all
beautiful sweet things
that with your lips you say
to me
when you do.
Thank you, thank you
not just for the things
that I say and write here
today but thanks
for everything that you
and you tell.
My lips and heart utter
for you always
to God a prayer each
and every single day.
May He keep you safe,
and happy
in every each way
every day.
Thank you not last or
least for being a
very good friend to me
when some times I need you
and I reach out to you
in my times of wants or
needs when in good or
bad health.
Thank you for being my best
friend when you do so many
things out of love so
lovingly and unselfishly.
Thank you for all the love
that you still have
in your heart
and that makes you still
stay around us
more and more.
Your smile is so
and it brightens my
whole life.
Your beloved presense
means the whole
world to me.
In my eyes you're so
beautiful in every
Just thank you for
all your love and your
Thank you for
that you mean from your
heart and soul
so deep and well.
I do know that in
my heart and soul I just
love you more and more
in all each and every
day and that it will
be like that
And my love for you
will live for all
eternity and beyond.
I'm so glad that you're
mine and that I'm
yours for all times.
Just thank you for
and more for loving me
the way that from
your heart you
always and
still do
and I'm so
very happy that
I found

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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