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Stanley's Brasserie and Bar

We're lunching at Stanley's
We've not yet met
Just chatted for a while
Over the internet
I've cleaned my teeth
Even combed my hair
Waste of time really
It's so windy standing there.
It's slung my hair
All over the place
I look like a floor mop
With a nervous white face.
I got there early
One thing I hate
Is my arriving anywhere
And being late.
I can see her coming
Trying to decide
Whether to meet me
Or slip away and hide.
So we lunched at Stanley's
Way out of the cold
Both minding p's and q's
Just the way we'd been told.
The food was good
The date going well
Across the road for a drink at
The Royal Station Hotel
That was months ago
When our relationship started
In those weeks since
We've seldom been parted
So here's a toast to Stanley's
Fine brasserie and bar
Whose very fine food
Helped get us where we are

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Stanley`s Brasserie and Bar