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Ever since I was a very young child it seemed I was protected
There were many times I had gotten into things I shouldn't have
Several times my adventures led to a trip to the emergency room

Where another may have been seriously hurt or may have even died
I had always escaped such a fate with virtually little after effects
The doctor told my parents I was what they called a protected one

Many times I should not have survived some of my own adventures
Later in life I became a young Air Force warrior serving our nation
Many times in Vietnam I should have been badly wounded or even killed

Yet on those occasions I had barely even been scratched in the fight
Some of my buddies said that I must have been surrounded by angels
For there was no way in the world I should have survived some things

I had met some Catholic nuns in Can-Tho at the Vietnamese orphanage
I spent my Sunday's there trying to help them out with all the kids
There were so many orphans who'd lost their parents killed by the VC

I and my friends did what we could to help the nuns wherever possible
I even wrote a letter to the mayor back home to see if he could help
And he got the different community groups to organize a clothing drive

One Sunday afternoon towards the end of my tour of duty in Vietnam
There was a mortar attack on a nearby Vietnamese Army compound
A few of the mortars landed in the playground and some kids were hit

I went totally blank during this attack and was told later what I did
They say I ran out to the play field during the attack to help the kids
My buddies thought I was killed as a mortar round had exploded near me

As the shelling ended and the smoke cleared they saw me carrying a kid
Though I was badly shaken by the blast I didn't have a wound anywhere
They stood there shouting at me in disbelief but I couldn't hear them

Days later a priest had said there was a profound reason I'd survived
He said not only had I been always protected ever since I was a child
He said you will always be protected throughout your entire lifetime

He said I was called a protected one always surrounded by the angels
You were chosen to not only be at the right place at the right time
But that you would always do the right things in life to help others

When you're just a twenty year old kid away from home the first time
And you find yourself in this deadly situation where people are dying
It is very unnerving to have someone say you will always be protected

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

Regardless of what people will say to you and your buddies saying
you were plain crazy to run out there during that mortar attack, I was
not trying to be a hero or any kind of showoff as some had said to me
later on and I sure wasn't trying to win a damn old medal either. The
truth of it all is that I didn't even know what had happened, it's as
though I wasn't even there while it took place, I just remembered it
took a couple of days before I could even hear what was being said to
me. I certainly wasn't any type of hero as everything that took place
during the attack was just a blur to me. Later on after hearing from
my buddies and the nuns as to what had happened there, I can't even
believe anyone could have survived that event that day let alone the
many other situations we had all went through over there in Vietnam.
when someone tells me I was a hero, I correct them immediately and
tell them that I was no hero over there, but I was a very, very lucky
man to have survived the worst year of my life and that I thank God
above and all of his Guarding Angels for their help and blessings to
me during that situation. Please pray for those who are now serving
our nation and give their families the same gift that my own family
had received with my safe return home to them, also please remember
all those who gave you your own freedom and paid for it with their
own lives and whose families were left devastated by their loss.


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