Perry Campanella

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Forever Yours

               Poetry in it's infinitive nature, will
                 find it's way, someday into hearts
                 of gold, eyes will see, yet still
                 prose, placed in a bottle, departs

                 Into an open sea where a swift wind,
                  rolling waves send it on it's way
                 into a slender hand surfing, signed
                 onto that label are these words: Say
                 you love me after reading! Designing

                This method of communication, is my hope
                some young heart in this world, too find my
           my bottle, it's cargo, two fingers reach it's tiny rope
              Wise this special someone, her words undefined

               Take to heart my poetic stanza's ~ she read,
                After reading my little poem within, shall
           fall in love as if my poetry has surcome to her needs,
          at a time of sorrow in her life, when she needs a pal,

            Lonely now, threads an open sea, for serinity, pure peace
           long hair in oceans air, blue eyes gaze on my poetic piece

               she reads: I will comfort you once you're here
                 I wonder where you have been my whole life
                    my brown eye's see you love ~ there, where
             you found my poem, my floating bottle, be my wife

                     you found my poetry a world away,
                this string you hold is attached to my heart
                       on this fine beautiful day
           to say I love you dearly is better than just two words
                             'forever yours'