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Pleasant Thoughts Of Spring On A Bitter Cold Day

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I think of spring and fresh smelling air
Of flowers beginning to grow once more
Sunshine warming ones soul and body

I think of fun things like swimming
The smell of freshly cut grass too
Also the morning songs sung by birds

In the distance sounds of children
Having fun and playing at the park
Some chasing each other and giggling

Sounds & sights I've missed in winter
The smells that are drifting in the air
Neighbors having their first barbecue

There's the sounds of cheers and yells
As children play little league baseball
When someone hits a home run in the game

Yes these are the sounds, sights & smells
That will announce that Winter has ended
A wonderful thought on this very cold day

Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

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Pleasant Thoughts Of Spring On A Bitter Cold Day