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One long ago day, when the world was still young;
Before words were formed, or songs were sung.
The Spirit moved upon the face of the water,
Spinning night into day like the wheel of a potter.

The first words were spoken, and life was born;
A profusion of creation, a cornucopia's horn.
From water and air they spread to dry land,
Guided by His loving, omnipotent hand.

All was perfect and harmonious, a world of wonder,
Before man was fashioned, or made his first blunder.
I often ponder what this world might have been,
Had man never existed to introduce sin.

A world of perfection became warped and twisted,
As sins spread like plague, too many to be listed.
Surely He must have wept, as He saw the grand design
Shattered and broken, what once was so fine.

He could have wiped clean the slate of creation,
Started anew with one wave of devastation.
He could have discarded this mangled world,
Into fiery oblivion its rottenness hurled.

Yet He did not abandon this work of His hand,
Nor turn His back on this troubled land.
Instead He fashioned a means to restore
A tapestry mankind ripped and tore.

Now redemption is offered to all who would
Forsake their rebellion and do as they should.
Forgiveness and restoration are ours to be claimed,
No matter how far we've wandered, or how badly we're maimed.

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