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SuNkiSsEd ImPeRfEcTiOn

ºSuNkiSsEd  ImPeRfEcTiOnº

Danced through the mass,
Of butterflies.
Arays of stars -
Filled the skies.
Yet, it was day.
And flowers fell,
Instead of wet rain.
My hand -
Was in your hand.
The earth benieth us -
Warm sand.
And then on my cheek,
The sunshine kissed me.
Showing every imperfection
Upon me.
Yet, you still held my hand.
You forgave me.
You relized I tried to be.
But it was an impossibility.
You smiled and kissed my tear,
Hugged me and still kept me near.
Began to curse every fear.
And did what others had begun to reject.
Loved me - even when I was imperfect.

~DaYnA e. 4/8+10/03

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SuNkiSsEd ImPeRfEcTiOn