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Kinston upon Hull, 'Ull in the vernacular, is a city in the East Riding of Yorkshire, once having one of the biggest UK deep sea fishing fleets, and still a large port. Like many Northern cities currently in economic decline, but we never give up hope. Even the motorway M62 stops 7 miles short, leaving the road in subject to rush hour gridlock.

Folks say 'ull is allus shut
But they ain't got that right
For them of us in t' know
'Er 'as 'er 'idden delights.

'Eres a few good tips
For them as wants ter see 'em,
See t' 'istory of slavery in
Wilberforce's 'ouse museum.

Right next door there's Street Life
Wi' owld busses an ' carts an' trains
Next door there'sYorkshire Life
Wi' it's Archaeological remains

There's White Harte Inn where they
Decided to keep Charlie out o'town
First stage of t' Civil War that went
And brought owld Charlie down

Us used ter ' ave a fishin' fleet
Wi' it's own special docks
Now it's a shoppin' centre
Wi' a footpath over its locks.

T'owld queen lords it
Over Victoria square
But wi' typical 'ull 'umour
they placed bogs under 'er

We 'ave our local poets
If its culture that you seek
'N' you can 'ear such talent
At our local Write ter Speak.

Oh it's a city on its own me lads
Back o' beyond some folks say
But 'us 'ave our fightin' spirit still
An' like t'owd dog 'us 'll 'ave our day

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