The soul has much to say

My repose...


I fall asleep
painting her dream
by the numbers

She begins the morning
drawing my form
Such a soft touch

Laughter erupts
from the floor
of my foundation

Easy revelation
sinfully obvious
My ignorance faded

Joy was mine
before I kissed her
Contentment a badge of honor

Yet here I am
looking down from a height
without measure

A place
I've longed for
all my life

so sensual
knocked on my door

Inspired heart
Motivated mind
Revealing soul

Inward miracles
that kiss the feet
of choice

We've chosen
to enfold one another
within each others harmony

we are wonderfully made
by His hands

the overspill of today
floods the past

laughter is replaced
by wonder

All along
peace from within
was mine to partake of

I was already happy
The words escape me

It's the same condition
I suffer
when looking at her

Pleasant diagnosis
Dreamers disease
No medication, please

To write this
with poetic protocol
would be impossible

The sun is up
but we'll remain here
in our world

Population: 2

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My repose...

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