Dog Face Doc 11th LIB Americal Infantry Division RVN

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A STARS and STRIPES production,
More of Uncle Sam's death dealing and corruption,
The nefarious Negro Circus ringmaster
With his traveling Pentagon Zoo,
He'll bring disaster to a country near you,
Congressional Baboons,
Secret Service goons,
Gay queers in military gear,
Special Op's loons,
White House clowns,
Guerrillas both white and brown,
Fly-boys just flapping around,
Dog faced dough-boys on the ground,
Navy Frog Men and polliwogs
Jar headed devil dogs
S.E.A.L. men painted in a camouflaged disguise,
Stack up bodies to the sky,
Hope and change,
Looks the same,
As The Shock and Awe Campaign,
Murder maniac unprovoked aggressor
Obama's immediate predecessor,
Started multiple wars allegedly designed to keep ameriKKKa free,
A demonic production orchestrated by Bush 43,
Presidential lies pile up to the sky,
As the evil plot thickens into a horrific drama...
Written, directed, produced and starring Barak Obama,
As the black Murderer and chief
Promises to take you higher
Mendacious messiah,
An ameriKKKan Political pariah,
From the Island of Oahu,
Nothing has changed,
For victims of his war Machine,
Death via Infantry or Naval,
His every act proves fatal,
Everything has gotten worst or remained the same,
Cross-hairs On target,
Ready on the left,
Ready on the right,
Ready on the firing line,
Commence down range...
Squeeze your trigger for
Hope and Change.
Belief in this System,
Is the religion of the deranged.
Unrestricted capitalism is insanity!

Habib Abu Lateef

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Ring Master