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It's the glimpses of the unseen realities
that can tear at our hearts or set our minds free.
Orbs, shadow people or ghosts in the night
seem almost to never be seen in a clear sight.
It's generally just a glimpse out of the corner of your eye,
and when you try to look at them away they fly.
Most of the time people wonder.
If their imagination is a spell their under.
Personally with all my near death experiences and things I've seen myself.
I can tell you there's much more to this reality's shelf.
But I believe the trouble with mankind and their perceptions.
Is there's so many closed minds giving the metaphysical rejection.
I was energy before I got here and I'll be energy when I leave.
Whats so hard about that concept to believe?
Now that I said that probably what goes through your mind.
Is what was I before I entered this life time.
Well if all the scientists are right about creation and energy.
It was all created at the same time you see.
Now if you accept a soul as energy
they were all created at the same time you see.
So when it comes to Old Souls or Twin Flames.
I believe their the same age but have played more of life's games.
So if you can value my view on life's metaphysical transitions.
Live your life to it's fullest with balanced cognition.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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