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Giving Evelyn Living Within

God Love Her as we do a Treasure
She was/is a real sweetheart from the start,
And the Best Grandmama a person could ask for
Giving life lessons at the core..................

Oh Dear Grandmama i'm so sorry
that i added to your pain with worry about me,
My Special Angel Faron(SM)Watching From Heaven
will personally put wings on Grandmama Evelyn!
{  oh to trade places now so i can smile and how  }
She'll teach the(other)angels about love
that her heart is so full of,
in the sky there'll be another twinkling
star that on earth i'll be so missing!
I'm glad i got to talk to her
an admiration in me did stir,
that she could still give a selfless touch™
when she herself lost so much!
Grandmama i'll never forget you here
in my heart i'll hold you Dear,
but your peace has begun
your Pearly Reward is won!
(And anytime i want i can hear your voice
Cause i saved and accepted it as a gift of choice)
©Presented By Your Heartfully Adopted Grandbaby SALLY....
In Loving Dedication®  by goodolesal/poetrypoem.com

Thanks To Heaven
For Another Blessing Evelyn

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Giving Evelyn Living Within