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I've heard many a tale about this world of ours
Some were as a child listening to my own parents
Some were told to me by my own grandfather Gray

He once had told me it was very easy to read people
Not only from their body movements but their words
It seems people will give away their true feelings

Whether from their physical movements to others
Or by how they express themselves when speaking
You see they can say one thing but mean another

And some will avoid looking you in your own eyes
While they tell you what they think about things
Knowing that if they do you may read the truth

You can tell when a person is telling you the truth
As their eyes are the windows to their real feelings
They can say one thing but really feel the opposite

As a new warrior at my new assignment in Vietnam
I asked those who had been there longer questions
Were they afraid?, how dangerous were things there?

They all put on their warrior faces tough & strong
They say they were not scared that they were brave
And pity the VC that tried to tangle with any of us

But then their faces changed as they were reflecting
In their eyes you could see the fear they lived with
And you could read them right down to their very souls

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

For any man or woman to say that they were never afraid as they
served in war is merely a lie and false facade that they would
wear on the outside to be shown to others, for when you looked
into their eyes you could see the truth and that truth was that
they were scared to death most of their tour of duty over there.
Anybody who said they weren't scared and you couldn't see that
they really were on the inside by looking in their eyes, that's
a clear sign to me that they were either a damn fool or a total
idiot who I didn't want to be anywhere near during a battle as
they were the type who would get you killed thinking that they
were some kind of John Wayne character who was just playing a
part in a war movie. In a movie all the dead guys get back up
after the movie director yelled cut to end a scene in a movie,
but in a real war the dead guys stay dead and the wounded guys
still suffered because their wounds were real not just makeup
done up for a movie scene being made. Always look the person
straight in the eyes if you really want to know the truth on
how they feel or think about something, for that is where you
will find the real truth and not the facade or bravado.

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