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I Hate Bacon

Is Peggy in the dairy?
 Is Peggy on the stair?
No Miss Peggy's in the kitchen frying up the bunny
crimson rare.
A fine layer of bread crumbs.
Smoldering crispy brown in crackling fat.
She browns everything in her beloved bacon,
the bunny in the suet is all but a drowned rat.
Next, there is the salad of leafy spinach
and wilted this n' that. No wait..
There's kneaded biscuit made with bacon fat.
They're browning in the oven, but you'd
think that was quite enough?
Yet, nigh every meal she gets religious with the stuff.
Look out she's put it now into a chocolate pastry puff!
I heard she's invented
a recipe for dipping bacon in hot fudge.
Its a particular favorite of her chubby nephew
Little Pudge.
If only the animals would each have nine lives,
There'd  be so much more greazy bounty
to dig into with Miss Peggy's forks n' knives.

Tired of all the new pork belly and pork rind restaurants
popping up. The pig has to be one of the most endangered
animals on the dinner table world-wide. Can't ever convince
me that an animal as smart as a dog is delicious. Nor a
Spring lamb. Nor a calf. Heck, I'm even starting to re-consider
the egg...its a bird that hasn't had a chance to fly.
Well....This was written in fun...or was it?

* This is dedicated to Paula D***.
Copyright June 2005 All Rights Reserved By The Author
Melissa A Howells Meloo Tilt-a-World

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