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New Wardrobes Act I

They did look impressive in the store standing there
And the salesman said that with just a little care
Two sizes of screwdriver, a mallet and a drill
With little effort you can soon have the thrill
Of seeing them there on your bedroom wall
And we can deliver or you can take them all
She who must be obeyed said oh yes lets do
And I heard my voice saying we'll take two
I must admit their delivery was very good
They arrived just when they said they would
I felt sorry for a bloke who was probably bitching
Because we got a few bits of his luxury kitchen
I was missing a complete set of wardrobe doors
With bits and pieces spread over two room floors
The phone was engaged but I finally got through
And we had a little joke you know the way you do
They said within a week they'd have the bits to me
And as a special favour would be delivering for free
Nothing to do but take a break and think
Cradling a large cool alcoholic drink
After a couple we though it probably for the best
If we postponed for a week and took a quiet rest.

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New Wardrobes Act I