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Beware the intellectuals
who sit and theorise
spawning disciples
who turn theories into lies.
And beware of the isms,
those deceptive, collective, nouns
hiding those creations whose
duplicity knows no bounds,
like the high church,
that purple skirted bitch
taking  pennies of the poor
to make herself rich,
or the commissar,
bureaucrat, who
supervises the creed of
do what I say, not what I do.
And very soon the pigs.
reclusive no more
walk on two legs and prove
they never ever walked on four.
The naieve intellectual,
helpless in his chair,
seeing theories distorted
hides his head in despair.
The pigs selectively continue
to take little bits from the whole
as the whole splendid theory
spins chaotically out of control.

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