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She was blonde she was curvy she was pretty,
said she worked as a stripper in the town
and fast as I bought her whiskies
she voraciously drank them down.
Now I was only a poor English squaddie
who suggested she pay her share
and was totally unprepared when
she handbaggd me right off of my chair
then coolly though a little unsteadily
stepped over my body on the floor
and with a parting wiggle took
that behind out through the door.
Glasby and Ray and Eddie
watching jealously from afar
were all laughing so loudly
I could hear it there at the bar.
So when from the next stool
this voice said what a bitch
I know plenty of other places
where we can make our pitch
together we tipsily wandered
to find this bar he said was near.
He suggested I check my wallet
then punched me right on the ear
and was off like a pedigree whippet
with my wallet clasped in his hand
poor sucker must have thought
I was too drunk to stand ;
he’d not before dealt with yorkies
didn't know our pride and our grit,
was a little surprised when I caught him
demanding he return all of it
then j
ust out of some badness
and not a just little bit pique
borrowed some money from his wallet
enough to booze for a week.
By this time he was crying
and hiding behind a car
so I did a little victory jug
and headed straight back for the bar

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