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                        Sir, That’s Why We Were There!

I’m not for sure, but it appears to me, that many have forgotten,
that jungle war of a half a century ago; but let me tell you my friend,
the surviving warriors will never forget :
The unbearable heat, the pounding, monsoon rains, the sounds, sights,
and smells of a jungle war.   The snakes, spiders and giant mosquitoes;
the anger, the fear, the loneliness, and the sight of black body bags
awaiting their long journey home.
The thousands of dead and wounded, the POW’s and the MIA’s.
Sir, you ask of me, do I remember that jungle war?
Yes, my friend, I and thousands of other veterans will forever
remember:  nights of anxiety and fear in fox holes, bunkers,
towers, and on the ground K-9‘s and handlers guarding
 the perimeters all around, the dead and the blood, the injured,
 the sounds of exploding bombs, rockets,  and small arms fire.
Those brave men fought not for a cause, but for the following
 principles: freedom, love of country and the Red White and Blue,
last, but not least for the river of tears shed by the families of the brave
men and women, whose names appear on that black granite wall .
Sir, does that answer your question, why were we there?
For those who care, that was indeed why we were there!
Yes, after all those years, these aging eyes still shed a tear
 for the warriors, who served there.
Jackie R. Kays


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Sir, That`s why We Were There!