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At The Eye Hospital

Come to the Eye Hospital
And please don't be late
And we'll try to arrange
You don't have a long wait

The nurse said to me
Your blood pressure's high
Which came  to me as no
Matter of real surprise
For with a needle in my arm,
Dye injected in my blood,
I thought just being conscious
Was  pretty bloomin' good.

Put your chin on this bar
Look straight into this light
Try not to blink or move
'Cos it is so very bright.
Then I went and moved
When cracking a joke
But oh my lord..
I wished I hadn't spoke

For I chose to move
Just at a  moment when
Stillness was crucial so
We  had to do that bit again.
But they were all so very nice
And we finally got it right
And I wandered from the room
With blurred and dazzled sight.

In three weeks time
We've got another date
I wonder if like me
They just can't wait.
It's amazing how effectively the
Prospect of one eye going blind
Can dampen the spirit
And focus the mind.

As I said before
It came as no surprise
My blood pressure was high and
For a while I'd very blurry eyes.

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At The Eye Hospital