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Dinner Š la Carte

A rather good country hotel
Where I happened to be staying
Not at all my scene really
But the company were paying.
I wasn't comfortable with the menu
By choice I wouldn't have eaten here,
Played very safe with food and
Ordered an accompanying beer.

I really enjoy the good things
We take wine with  evening meals
And this rustic type of food
Has a certain quaint appeal.
My dining companion and I
Had met at the bar
Apparently he was attending
A different seminar,

He waxed on with eloquence
About the quality of his life,
The quality of his existence
His more than perfect wife.
Apparently his teenaged son
Could all but walk on water
The  world would soon enjoy
The beauty of his daughter,

He spoke a little loudly
With his mellifluous voice.
The other  diners listened;
They really had no choice.
I bathed in his reflected glory
Absorbed with all he had to say.
I don't often get to eat with such
 A  fool so i savoured the day.

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Dinner Š la Carte