The Poetic Diary of Loi

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Album: “Poetic Diary of January 2013” (2013)

Album: “Poetic Diary of January 2013” (2013)
01. No Way for Rachel-Like
02. Before the Day
03. Past is Past
04. Wise Mind
05. Rescue Children
06. Restless
07. My Teeth
08. I Dream About…
09. Your Own Eyes
10. The Preaching Day
11. Girl & Woman
12. The Shoplifting Dog
13. Wake Up, Loi!
14. Vengeance
15. I'm Helpless
16. Crime

This album is the poetic story about how sadness Loi is in need of peace and love. Also, she
needs to have more times for herself by working on her projects. However, her family disagree
with her because of they want her to spend more times with them in according to Bond, the
blonde b**** who used Loi's times as running out.