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Choral Reunion

Retired Choristers' Convention,
A reunion I suppose of sorts,
Nothing very formal
No minutes or reports
Just a bunch of people who
Once upon a time by choice
Had gathered together weekly
In the practice of the choral voice.

You could hear brains grinding
Trying to slip into place
The recollections of years ago
With the current aged face.
And then, time for the gossip,
Who was fat and who was thin,
Most deliciously, which ones had
Committed  any interesting sins.

Time for dinner to be served
Each slipping into place there
And then, being very British
Just a formal thankful prayer.
A certain muted silence ruled then
As food was served and partaken
Knives and forks in movement
Salt and pepper being  shaken.

To finish, a toast to absent friends,
An observed silence of grief
And then they all slipped away
Most with a sense of relief.
No thoughts of a repeat
No queries of next time when,
Most in their minds quite happy
Never would they attend again.


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Choral Reunion