A Synthetic Soul

Swept Away

I feel as if I've been swept away.
Like as If I were at the bottom of a very deep cave.
Oh how it aches, to be swept away.

My soul it could Just collapse in shame.
Oh my body, just be defeated and die.

Trembling slightly, silently so alone, I yearn.
Like my heart has been taken from my chest.
It spirals away as I die quietly inside.
The pain it spears, as I just watched.

Oh how it impales my heart.
I can't wrap or bend my mind around a reason
to accept or want to live another night.
Without the one who feeds me life.

The one who fills this hole inside.
I breathe, I fiend, ..I bleed,
I just need, to see you smile.

I die inside
just living a hollow life.
Without the one I love, I need, I lust.
Just to feel the subtle touch,

from the only one I trust,
You mean to me so very much.
Just wanting to give
is never enough.

You must so surely know
my love for you so strongly flows
from your fingers to your toes.

I hold wrapped in velvet deep
the thought of seeing you next to me.
Piercing through that dark imbue.
I'm in need of loving You.

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