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Please God

Please, God, free me
from this person no one can see,
who keeps me chained up,
who doesn't let me ever know love.

Let me know,
I can get off this road.
God, please stay by my side,
thoughout this wild ride.

Let me not be bad,
or keep making people who love me sad.
Let me give myself hugs
instead of being on these drugs.

Yes, Lord, let me hear your word
to know the peace of which I have heard.
Fill this emptiness of my heart;
let me know that happiness can start.

Lord, be my light in this dark;
let me no longer be a part
of this world filled with lies;
show me that truth and right never dies.

Lord, let me understand
that this isn't the promise land.
I know great is your love,@copyright
please, show me the way to heaven above.


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Please God

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