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Coffee Assassain

They called him the coffee assassin
He took it strong black and hot
Not like the NATO standard
Most of his mates got.
They joked he had a throat
Like an asbestos funnel
As he poured it down through
A seeming heat resistant tunnel.
They knew why he took it
For his sanity's sake
One of his many ploys
To try and keep awake
All of his buddies had heard
The strangled loud screams
When his strategy had failed
And he'd slipped into killing dreams,

He had taken out the sniper
Just a fraction too late
To save the life of  his
Body bagged best mate.
He would awake bleary eyed,
The nightmare not fully gone;
One of the boys would reach
To switch the kettle on.
He took it hot black and strong
Just to help him survive
To tryband cope with the guilt
Of  just being alive.
Nobody mentioned his dreams
As he gulped that first mug down
And they all kitted up ready for
That day's first patrol of the town.

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Coffee Assassain