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The Proof
I’ve been there before and I don’t want to go back no more!
The sight and sound were more than any a young man should have to bear.
Only God knows the feeling of agony, when a young friend dies from an
 enemy’s bullet!  Everybody said, “It wasn’t your fault!” Then why do
I still feel so guilty?  Life goes on, but my soul will always be torn.
That old jungle war took so many young boys from their mother’s
arms and she still cries, “Oh! Why? He was my only son, why did he have
to die, way over there?”  Everyone said, “I’m so sorry!” But hollow, was their
The hot wind from the China Sea brings in the monsoon rains, once again.
And after all these years, nothing has changed, the jungle always stays the same.
 Today no one seems to remember or care, but the echoes of the cannons
are still loud to my ears!
War is hell, and the proof is row, after row, of silent white crosses on that
distant hill.   
J.R. kays
© 4/18/13


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