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Chicken Fencing, the advert said
Chicken Fencing!  How absurd.
Who on Earth designed a sword
That could be held by a bird.
Would there be a Chicken League
Would the prize be a cup
And, who would fight for it and
How would the winner pick it up?

Whatever will come next:
Rugby playing ducks,
Flapping and quacking
As they fly into the rucks
With maybe a mist of feathers
Hanging over their over all
As down flies hither and thither
From the depths of the maul?

I've heard of a Pelican crossing,
Have seen a Boxer dog,
One piece of military equipment
Was called a a bayonet frog;
When these terms are explained
They do make a common sense,
But how I'd have loved to see
A domestic chicken Fence.


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