The soul has much to say

Fluid recompense...

White flag waving par excellence

Surrendering to the tornadoes in my dreams
Taking flight to parts I've always known
Waiting for a kiss
eons in the making

Proof that I'm alive

Reminders of love and pain
Celestial rhythms from within
Soulful sonar enfolds
my other half

Timeless story

Ordinary guy
loves extraordinary girl
A common life made miraculous
by her touch

Spirits sewn together by His hand

She cries because it rains
It rains because she cries
I know all too well
both a blessing and a curse

Insight to days yet to be born

Can't tell you why
Its been this way all my life
A journey created solely
for my feet

Realization rises like the dawn

Every time I put pen to paper
the world accepts my invitation
Welcome to the lightness
of my being

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Fluid recompense...

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