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Quid Pro Quo?

From the comfort of an armchair
With Facebook as a base
The modern day activist can
Reserve their protest place.
Common sense condemned as racist,
Or a human rights abuse:
The concerned citizen almost
Afraid to express their views.
And somewhere in the background
Working against ignorance and hate
The security services work
To protect the safety of the state.
Condemned as being fascist,
In a sort of cleft stick
Working to strict rules against
A threat that exploits every trick.
But let a bomb explode
Let innocent lives be taken,
Let violence rule,
The status quo being shaken,
And cries of incompetence
Are very soon aired
And in the new media
Such views are soon shared.
And the worker in the background
Knowing he is not  perceived as nice
Wonders when more will realise
That safety comes at a price.
To defend the right to protest
And the right to freely speak,
The safety of the strong
And the safety of the weak,
Requires such a discipline,
An ability to turn the back
And endure the rantings of
Anonymous new media hacks.

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Quid Pro Quo?