Canary Wharf

                  Canary Wharf          November 20,1992

I had to make a special trip, my friends must never know
I had to hide from the English Bobby, A building I had to blow
I walked around old London town, I thought I seen the queen
She had a different husband with her, a guy I've never seen
It's not my problem, I had a mission, I'll deliver and disappear
When the underground stops, they'll smell the smoke and know that I've been here
I walked around, enjoyed my visit, I even picked the spot
Nobody knows where the bang will come; I'll blow the bloody lot
I thought of the palace, there's enough trouble there, I moved to Leicester Square
It's not my scene, I read my map, I moved to Old Mayfair
There's a better place to deliver my message. I'm anxious and excited; I began to run like hell
I have to give the present to them from the town I love so well
I'm all alone on my own; I do this for my people
I settle down, reject the crown; I think I see a steeple
I've found the spot to deliver my lot; it has to go it's scary
The biggest building must blow; It's on the wharf that's called Canary

Gaelic Comrade

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