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Be happy when facing a test,
And remember to do your best;
In trials and errors you learn,
With knowledge and wisdom you earn.
Faith helps you while you endure,
That also helps you to mature;
And we will learn what is at stake,
When we do make any mistake.
Endure until the test is done,
Pray to the Father and Son;
Thank them for having a chance,
To continue as you advance.
If you might need any wisdom,
Pray to the Lord in His Kingdom;
God who is so gentle and kind,
Ensures you will have in your mind.
The Lord is generous to all,
And He will catch you when they fall;
For He will attempt to condemn,
By trying to find fault with them.
When you ask do not shed a doubt,
God understands to help you out;
For doubts are like waves of the sea,
Tossed confusion for you and me.
Over time trials fade away,
Never to let you go astray;
So be strong without any doubt,
On how the outcome will turn out.

Copyright ©  2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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