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Wrong side of the sky

God made the sun stand still,
the bible says that is so real.
That it coundn't happen  in this age,
that isn't written on the page.

But for you I have news,
for I have had a different view.
For I had a sight,
I didn't think could be right.

But God had a plan,
so, He took me by the hand.
He wanted me to know,
what He could show.

So, to begin with He let me see,
what was going to happen to me.
In a parking lot in front of a wal-mart.
Looking for a place to park .

A shopping cart suddenly out of no where appear,
so, with you this story I want to share.
After it is told some which has heard,
they will not believe a word.

A man came running from store,
short sleeves in weather so cold for sure.
Everyone is ok he points out .
The sun was in his eyes he did shout.

As he said this the sun did show,
but what I didn't then know.
Was that the sun wasn't in the right place,
it was until later that doubt begin in my heart to race.

Now, I know God can do anything.
So, for this His praise I do sing.
Peope does not have to belive,
but God knows this really happened to me.


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Wrong side of the sky

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