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 Dog Face Doc 11th LIB Americal Infantry Division RVN

Happy Tet! 
Happy Chinese New Year! 
For some it only conjures up visions... 
Of Army Air Mobile and Marine Corps Infantry divisions. 
As the war heats up.... 
The bodies from both sides stack up. 
As Johnson's war escalates.... 
The politicians continue to maserhate... 
While young soldiers contemplate... 
If they will ever reach the ripe old age of nineteen... 
Or will they awaken shortly to find out that all this madness is just A horrible dream. 
In the mean time the choppers fly in the bodies of the “newly dead.” 
Some still warm; However, most are stiff and cold... 
And have one main thing in common...They will never grow old. 
Does the White House know the answers as America's young soldiers Blood continues to flow? Do they even care? 
Hell no, None of their sons are here! 
They're at Harvard or Yale, the socially and 
Economically elite, 
They would rather move to Canada than end up 
With jungle rot on their feet, 
They would rather burn their draft cards 
And run the risk of going to jail 
Because they know that their Fat Cat affluent 
Daddies will pay their bail. 
Happy tet! 
Happy Chinese New Year! 
Is there any end to this madness? 
None can be seen in sight, 
As the lifeless filled body bags of torn and mangled corpses continue To be choppered in throughout the rain soaked night. 
Puff the magic Dragon is in the sky, 
Signifying that there is a large concentration of N.V.A. troops Nearby, For sure there will be more killing, 
But you must admit that it's thrilling, 
That is...if you make it out alive. 
Physically alive but psychologically and emotionally numb. 
They were young and sang cadence of being Airborne Rangers, 
Living on nothing but blood and danger, 
Now They suffer from all the killing and trauma,
But they were young And sought adventure and drama,
Wanted to travel across the sea, 

To some foreign boarder,
Now they suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Abu Lateef 


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