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Café Latte

Out of the supermarket,
Groceries left in the car
Then take the short walk
Along to the Coffee Bar.
Large selection board.
Stand there and think,
Deciding what today
Will be my chosen drink.

Each mug filled with hot water
 And left to heat and stand
While they continue
With their sleight of hand.
Beans ground and measured,
Water slowly dripping through
To form the rich liquor
In just a second or two.

Milk being steam injected
To just the  right heat,
The moment of magic when
Those two liquids meet.
The walk to the table
Anticipating the taste
Every mouthful drunk,
Not a drop goes to waste.

I enjoy my Coffee there,
Each drink Individually made
By the young Baristas who
Certainly know all their  trade.
Supermarket shopping
Always a task I deplore:
Since the Coffee Bar opened
Now not so much of a chore .

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Café Latte