A Synthetic Soul


It was in a little town, consisting of just one stop sign and a school.
Situated aside the rest of the world, in the middle of the woods.
On dim lit nights, at times the clouds just hang from a tormented sky.
Down where the river bends, they cast a shade in the pale moon light.

With white knuckles the fog clings, tenaciously gripping the cold ground.
A whetted breeze licking at my earlobe, drags the cigarette smoke from my mouth.
Then pours it into my lungs like liquid, penetrating the dull nature of my senses.
Embossing the solace that's embracing my body, once entranced by this experience.

The midnight mist adorns the plush green grass with a glistening silver veneer a fray.
The feel,.. as it gives way beneath my feet cushions me, as I slide aside the cemetery gates.
Long gravestone shadows stretch across my path as I drag in the first weighted bag.
Willed deliberation compels me. Light reflects off the shovel's end as I begin to dig.

I dig incessantly. One inch after another removing the hardened clay from the hole.
Another surface meant no longer to be unbroken, I welcome you to this way of the world.
There will be no chizzeled burial stone to cap the pit that's to cradle your bones and flesh.
Thick and Black, steam curls off the plastic sack and ascends with a scent to attest.

Blood drips like the rosin of a wounded pine from the encrusted thorn prick in the plastic.
Reminiscent of the viscid pool that drained from your body to elicit this static
state, that has consumed the vibrance that once danced wildly in your iris.
Pupils dying to scream, diffusing a life that's now been concreted in silence.

Across the street leans a tree in slow decay. Its bent, and barkless, and slimed grotesque.
Its form resembles one of a contorted cross, that vomits evil from an inner hollow crevasse.
As I watch, a black feline with no eyes slowly climbs down inside where the demons nest.
Bones protruded from its hips, over bulging ribs it had skin that was tightly stretched.

Here and there, where it wasn't amiss matted patches of wet fur shined in the dim light.
As the wind whistled a solemn hymn in my mind before it trickled down my spine.
Gripping me like a clinching fist. Dear friend now this is where we say our last goodbye.
Pain not preying upon you any longer, I recite the words of ascension to the other side.

Earthly vessel of form and shape,
from out of the chasm and into the flame.
Through the Interstice vigor, and the great rift that divides.
By the abyss we come by way of the abyss we abide.

Void of sickness, amaze in the splendor.
Manifest of the mist, be swept like the wind.
In the garnished plains of the fracture that reside,
by way of the abyss we step, by the abyss we abide.

A tree can bear its fruit and be certain it all shall fall to ruin.
Never lasting things, will in fact always end all of a sudden.
Many days must pass us by, before the years breech a hundred.
But it only takes a second, to bring the life's end about abruptly.

These are things, that are all seeming very vague to me.
An inherent lack of luster dulls the edge of my sensibility.
Sensing that there is something that I must be missing.
Looking down at my hands, unsure just why they're dirty.

Looking around, Where exactly am I? What had come over me?
Laying the shovel on the ground, Why have I been digging..?
I hear a voices sound, but can't tell from where its coming.
Seemingly surrounding me and pulling me deeper under its spell.

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