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No matter how much time passes by us all
From those scary days and nights in war
We knew we could count on our brothers

And though we survived that hell on earth
None of us left that war without wounds
Some visible to others but many were not

We went on with our lives and kept silent
Suffering still from nightmares & PTSD
We held those experiences deep inside us

Then one day the side effects attacked us
Having been repeatedly exposed to toxins
Those ingredients used in Agent Orange

A deadly herbicide use to kill vegetation
Tall elephant grass & jungle plants died
Poisoned so the enemy had nowhere to hide

They told us it would save many lives too
Eliminating their ability to get up close
Before launching their deadly mortar attacks

And though it worked out just like they said
They never once told us of the after effects
How the toxins would cause Cancer & illnesses

After all these years that have passed by us
More warriors have become ill or have died
than those who had died in the fighting there

Some like myself have many medical issues now
Many are directly linked to our own exposures
I now have severe neuropathy and nerve damage

I'm slowly becoming crippled and always in pain
But I am luckier than most of my fellow warriors
For I am still Cancer free for the time being

We can't say the same for many of our brothers
Though they know that they face certain death
They still carry on each day fighting the battle

It always hurts when another warrior passes on
He had brain Cancer but he refused to surrender
And now my good friend John Galinac is in Heaven

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

Reposted by request of a fellow warrior, John Galinac lost his
courageous battle against brain cancer on April 24, 2013 just
two short years ago but he never gave in to it and never had
he gave up on his battle against cancer and enjoyed each and
every moment he had right to the end of his journey in life.

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