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A Toast To Dr. Spooner

(William Archibald Spooner
22/7/1844 -  29/8/1930)

Here's to Doctor Spooner
Man of linguistic fame
Though sadly today maybe
Not so many know his name.
With his absent minded
And sometimes eccentric ways
His reputation was established long
Before he passed his last day

To a language rich in concepts
Wonderfully able to express the absurd
He added a whole new concept to
The humorous misuse of words.
An academic and a cleric
His lapses caused him some
 Distress, angst, and dismay,
But towards the end it's said he
Mellowed towards his word play.

So, here's to Doctor Spooner,
For which of us have not
At times said and done
Things maybe best gorfot.
Hood gealth Spoctor Dooner
I lo sove your gord wame:
A glazed rass in respect to
The yemory  of mour name.

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A Toast To Dr. Spooner