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Anniversary Sunday

A gathering of children,
Some wracked by fear
The anticipated ordeal
Drawing ever more near

Clean faced and best suited,
Sitting forward facing, stilled
On that bottom numbing form
As the old Chapel slowly filled.
Parents, Grandparents,
Family members and friends
Taking all the seats to
Each pew's very end.

Sunday School Anniversary,
A  very special village time,
Full of sermons, hymn singing
And stumblingly recited rhyme..
Didn't matter any sect or creed,
Very near the whole village came
As we all sat  there nervously
Awaiting the calling of our name.

A stumble to the pulpit,
To shamble up the stair,
Trying to avoid adoring eyes
As we arrived up there.
The once known recitation
Almost blank mindedly gone,
 We  struggled through each verse
One by one by one.

Did people clap.
I can't for the life of me recall
Just so vastly relieved
To have got through it at all.
Sunday School Anniversary
A very special time when
The whole village assembled,
United once again.

For the rest of the year
Each faith went their own way,
Old scores briefly forgotten
Each Anniversary Sunday day.

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Anniversary Sunday