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Your mama got herself
Into this mess
She'll get herself out
Writing the poetry of what
Her life's about
She has no husband
Her kids are grown
No one helps her
She's here alone
Feeling like someones stoning
Her to go down
Don't you cry for mama
She'll come back around
Do a dance of life
Take a shower maybe
She's nobodies wife
And a little crazy
Singing the blues
From Vesper Street
And if she gets to heaven
The good Lord's going to greet
Her up on his highway
He knows that I've tried
To lead a life of kindness
Although I should have died
Many years ago
In that car wreck
She lived through it
To give the world her heck
What the hell
She'll fall down
Pick herself up
From the ground
Look up to the heavens
Say a little prayer
For her babies and her lovers
And her friends who might care
That God's breath is in her
There to shake her up and stir
What once was young and strong
Even though it seems so long
To get back to baseline
I'm your momma
Again, learning to do fine
So shake a tail feather
Don't you be giving up
There's years ahead
Drink from the cup
Of life that's bitter
Of life that can be sweet
Sitting here a praying
At the Lord of Lord's feet
Blessed to breathe
Blessed to have you
Don't have to grieve
Your momma's love is true
She might not have riches
She might not have gold
Sometimes her wishes
Just leave her old
But with the age comes hurting
With the youth comes flirting
With a guitar comes a way
To play and play
The pain away.

4/30/2013 11:30PDT cj

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