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    Where Were You?
Where were you, and what were you doing on 4/30/1975,
 the infamous day that  Saigon fell to the communist?  
I recall that day well, I was sitting on my couch in the living room,
watching the news coming  out of Saigon!
Tears of anger and disbelief ran down my face, as the sights
and sounds of our military retreating from South Vietnam.
I was medically discharged in 1966, but I watched the war news every
night and thought about my brothers in arms, that I’d left behind.
I thought about the 58,000 troops, whose names are forever engraved
on that cold, granite wall and their grieving families’ lasting pain..
 I thought about all the innocent Vietnamese left behind to
face the advancing enemy.    
I thought… God what was it all for?
Jackie R. Kays © 4/20/13
“I am forever honored, for I have marched with heroes!” (jk)


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